Tired of the High Price of Granola? Make Your Own!

This recipe for granola is easy, flexible, and fun. Get the kids involved too, even little ones can join in. Are you getting sticker shock at the grocery store these days? Wow, me too! I was in a discount grocery yesterday and picked up a package of Granola. I looked at the ingredients… Hmmmm, pretty […]

Cherry Almond Muffins

After a cancer diagnosis this summer, my diet has changed rather radically. I thought I was eating a healthy diet, but I now realize that I was really kidding myself. Yes, I probably ate better than 90% of Americans, but that doesn’t mean I was really doing the best I could for my body. Research, […]

Flaky Rich Pie Crust – Wheat Free

Wheat free – can be made vegan, see substitutions, below. Look for a GF pie crust coming soon! I’ve been baking all my life and doing a pretty good job of it I think – nobody complains anyway. But my one Nemesis has always been pie crust. In years past, I have watched my crust-wizard […]