Gluten Free Gougeres (Profiteroles)

People just LOVE these. I bring these savory french cheese puffs over to my dear friend’s house often when we have our small pot luck luncheons together. The last time, she greeted me at the door with a hug and the exclamation, “You smell wonderful!” About to demur that I was not wearing any perfume, […]

Addictive GF Cranberry Orange Scones

A simple breakfast out led me to make these scones. You know how it goes. You go to a good restaurant, eat something really yummy, then nothing will do but you gotta have that yummy thing again, and again. Eventually you either have to figure out how to make that yummy thing or go broke […]

Gluten Free – Brown Bread Nutty Muffins

Sometimes gluten free baking is just easier when you use a pre-packaged GF flour mix. Why re-invent the wheel? I like Bob’s Gluten free hearty whole grain bread mix, and having a bunch of it in my cupboard led me to make these muffins. I was shooting for something like the brown bread with raisins […]