Easy Nut Cake – Gluten Free

Can be made with walnuts or pecans – both are equally good! It is always worth while having an emergency dessert you can whip up at a moment’s notice to take to a friend’s house, or serve to unexpected guests. This recipe was a favorite when I was growing up because, not only was it […]

Gluten Free Lazy Daisy Cake Recipe

Lazy Daisy Cake has been around since I was a kid, at least. Not that we are going to discuss how long ago that was. My grandma’s next door neighbor gave her this recipe and it found its way into my recipe box when I moved away from home. The cake is a super easy […]

Cheese Snack Crackers

A long beloved cheese cracker recipe from the New England Butt’ry Shelf Cookbook needed a gluten free makeover so I could enjoy it again. I figured the basic recipe of cheese, butter, and flour really only needed a good GF flour blend to make it come together. I went to my new “go to” cookbook […]